Every time the words “…final destination…” are said in or around the airport I scan the area for all potential life threats.

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- We wanted you to read for Crazy Eyes.
Cra…? I didn’t really connected with that character.

Uzo Aduba auditions for every single role in Orange is the New Black (x)

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felicity smoak: a summary

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the way tyler looks at seana just melts my heart

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i must become something else.
i must become something else.
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—that woman’s a troublemaker, Sassenach; a gossip and a scold, if not the witch folk say she is—

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You’re i r r e p l a c e a b l e Felicity.

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  1. me: *accidentally says something that rhymes*
  2. me: YOOOOOO
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otp of the week (as voted by my followers) | olicity
thanks to you guys olicity is the otp of the week, and they deserve an honorable mention, because they are a fantastic couple. they complement each other. felicity makes oliver stronger and braver, as oliver makes felicity see another world, be also a hero alongside him. s3 will definitely makes us see a new side of their relationship and we’ll probably suffer even more, because they do open up a bit about their feelings, and I’ll be here to comfort you. Happy 5k followers to me and congrats!olicity.

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